Zeichenfläche 1.png

We the Heaters are dedicated to streetwear that reflects the day and age we
live in. While uniting fashion and design, we create premium garments
designed in Germany, produced in Europe.


Our attitude and inspiration. The street is where we grew up and where we hang. To
us every street tells its own story, every turn brings new ideas. Connected to those
who wander the concrete, #wetheheaters keep moving, eyes and ears to the street.


Our language and passion. Fashion is the medium that channels all our inspiration,
creativity and energy. Free from the chains that bind the industry, #wetheheaters are
dedicated to timeless garments that portrait our vision and values.


Our craft and bond. Design isn’t everything, yet everything is designed. Fabric, color
and style are all united in an overall concept. Working only with the best designers we
know, #wetheheaters aspire to deliver state-of-the-art design in everything we do.